We are proud to have achived
Airbnb’s Superhost!



Here’s to you, Ziona! You’ve worked hard to delight your guests and it shows. Guests appreciate your responsiveness and reliability, and rave about your outstanding hospitality.

Tell everyone!

In the past year, you’ve accomplished a lot to get to this moment:

Trips with no cancellations

4.9 Star@2x
Overall rating

Response rate

Now, it’s time to celebrate! Your new Superhost rewards include:

Profile badge
A trusted symbol for hospitality featured to guests across the site

Search filter
A dedicated search filter lets guests narrow their search results to Superhosts

Priority support
Faster response times when you call Airbnb or tweet @AirbnbHelp

Extra perks
Access to exclusive discounts, services, events, and more

The next Superhost evaluation is in January 2019. Keep an eye on your Progress to track how you’re doing and keep up the great work!

The Airbnb team

“Ziona’s place was outstanding; very spacious and suitable for the whole family, clean and stylish. The communication with Ziona was also very easy and my family enjoyed their stay very much. Would definitely recommend it for other guests!”

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